How Many Shots Did You Hear?

In this emotional collection of short stories, B.J. Schneider recounts one hundred of the most remarkable events in his career. You will take a ride with him and his partners experiencing the highs of life saving action, the lows of losing friends on the job as well some of the most hilarious moments experienced by the men and women in EMS. Be there for major events such as Hurricane Katrina and Andrew, the crashing of the Ship Bright field and spend time with the medics of the New Orleans Health Department during some of the bloodiest years of the city’s history. In the end you will have laughed, cried and gained a deep respect for those that put their life on the line to save yours.

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As a longtime paramedic in both Oakland and San Francisco, I was immediately interested when I found this book on Amazon and I think that for any medic (or any first responder, for that matter) this book will definitely strike a chord, bringing back memories of their own (mis)adventures riding the rigs. But, I think even non-emergency based readers will find this book accessible and indeed, very funny. I found myself laughing out loud at many of the anecdotes Mr. Schneider relates. His writing style is very down to earth and reminds me of being out with my buddies sharing beers and stories of our latest calls. I found this book terrific and terrifically funny, reading it through in one sitting and have already recommended it to several friends

By mass422 AMAZON Reader


AMAZING!!! Deep and intense, never a dull moment..Hits very close to home!! A must read for first responders and those who know or want to know what it's really like working as a servant to the community, in their environment versus the controlled setting of a hospital. Thank you for a great book!!

By Sherrie


Excellent read, Hilarious and sad at times, but always wanting more

By James


Over 25 years as a medic in

the Big Easy

B.J. Schneider